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What is Pop.Woot?

A discussion of larks, wild hairs, and rich, creamy sauces

Sometimes our cup poppeth over with too many deals to cram into our usual bargain-delivery systems. Sometimes you might be looking for something seasonal, something different, something beyond what you can find in the rest of the Wootosphere. Sometimes we just get a wild hair up our retail channel. Those are the times when Pop.Woot explodes into rich, riotous life.

Frequently Asked Questions


Back up a second: what is Woot?
On the far fringes of the Amazon empire lies Woot, a wild, barely-civilized domain populated by mythically great bargains and the deal fiends who love them. Pop.Woot is just one tiny corner of this cheapskate's wonderland.
Will Pop.Woot always be open?
No. It's the home for our occasional pop-up shops, a fleeting lark, a phantom Brigadoon of deals, one moment shimmering into view on the horizon, the next moment vanished into nothingness.
What happens at Pop.Woot when there's no store open there?
You'll see an error message.
What kinds of things will I find at Pop.Woot?
That depends. Each pop-up shop at Pop.Woot will offer different deals, different vibes, different themes. For our first, Enduring Holidays, we focused on ways to enjoy and/or endure your family during the seasonal festivities. We'll slather each pop-up shop in a rich, creamy sauce of branding. Whatever's going on at Pop.Woot, you'll get the idea.
When's the next pop-up shop coming to Pop.Woot?
We can't tell you. Maybe we don't want to ruin the secret. Maybe we don't yet know ourselves. We'll announce Pop.Woot shops on the main Woot site, in our newsletters, in our Daily Digest emails, in our Twitter feed, and on our Facebook page. If you still miss it, well, whose fault is that?
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