Kid's Hat & Tee Set

Always wanted a pet, but weren't sure you could handle the responsibility, so you had a kid instead? To see if you were ready? Well, we've got the next step for you: hats that make kids look like pets. In a few years, you'll be able to put these training models out to pasture and finally get that adorable kitten you want.

Ends on December 10 at 12AM CT

About Hats and Tees

Tees protect your kids' torsos from the harsh climes of wherever you live. Hats protect your kids' heads from big-brother noogies and some weather. Woot protects you from bad deals. All of this, you may notice, is for you. WE DO IT ALL FOR YOU WHY DO YOU PUSH US AWAY WHEN ALL WE WANT TO DO IS PROTECT YOU??!! Ahem. Sorry about that. Anyways, these hats look like animals. It's adorable.